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Keeping your website up to date can be cheaper than a replacement – and earns you more visitors

As your website grows and you add pages and posts to help and support your own clients and customers, it can become more difficult to keep an eye on everything that is going on.

At Pivotal we use a number of different website tools in our website maintenance service to make sure all our client sites are running properly, have no broken links or bad metatags, and remain secure and uncompromised from any hacker activity. We recommend SEMRush and Moz for quick and easy reports into the health and activity of your website and other Plugins for WordPress security like iThemes Security and WordFence. While we use the larger agency packages like SEMRush on our clients’ behalf, it is possible to sign up for these website maintenance tools by paying for a smaller package for just one website, that you can manage yourself to keep informed about the status of your website.

Often, when signing up to these website maintenance tools yourself, issues arise in interpreting the information and knowing what needs to happen next. However, they are still extremely helpful and can be used for short periods if you only sign up for the monthly packages. Forewarned is forearmed and these packages are well worth their cost if used properly.

Can I run my own website?

Yes! We love it when clients get involved with updating and refreshing their site content. After all, nobody knows your business as well as you. With modern ‘Content Management Systems’ like WordPress you have the freedom to append and update content when you like and in real-time.

Do I need a lot of training?

Obviously, some people more technically able than others, but even clients with less technical ability can be shown fairly quickly how to follow a procedure to securely log in and make amendments. In the case of WordPress, we offer a FREE 1-to-1 training workshop with all new websites that usually lasts around 2 hours.

What happens if I need help?

We believe it’s important to have a good relationship with a website company. Even more so if your website is vital to your business or organisation. They can help you ensure that you have regular backups of all your data and, in the event of a cyber-attack or server failure, you can at least get your website back up and running, usually with 48 hours.

How do I keep my site healthy?

Due to the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks and increased need for websites to be more engaging, they can require almost constant updating with improvements and bug fixes. In the case of WordPress, these updates are simple to make and do not cause any upset. We suggest to always be in the habit of taking a backup of your site first.

Do you need to make changes to your website?

But you’re worried you might click something you shouldn’t and take the whole website down? Perhaps you have good technical abilities but just don’t have the time to make the updates you need on your website? Well we have a low cost solution for you.

Nightly backups for peace of mind

Whether you need urgent one-off changes or regular amendments it’s always good to have website support that offers a backup or a snapshot in time of your website just in case you need to press the ‘undo’ button.

We develop and support WordPress websites precisely because they make life so much easier for our clients, the site owners, to make their own changes if they want to and then always have a way back, just in case. It’s WordPress’s Content Management System (CMS) that makes this process so simple and seamless. With WordPress, you get revision control and can go back to a previous snapshot that worked fine, and in the case of larger software updates, there are facilities to back up all your files, folders and database before you start work, with the click of a button.

Modern websites have a lot of work to do. They have to be cross-browser tested (that’s to make sure they work on Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc) and also make sure they display properly on all sizes of mobile smartphone and handheld tablets. Plus, with all the cyber threats these days it’s important that all software updates are implemented to keep your website safe.

Insurance for Your Site

So, while revision control might be simple to use, restoring a complete backup can be a lot trickier. That’s why at Pivotal we offer simple low-cost website maintenance packages to our clients. We give you the freedom you need to add and amend to your heart’s content using WordPress Content Management System to make sure your site content is always up to date; in the knowledge, your data is safe and protected.

Website support is like having low-cost insurance just in case you get that software update or cyber-attack messes up all your hard work and gets you back to where you were as quickly as possible.

With no-contract support packages available, if you feel you can manage just fine, you can opt-out at the end of any month whenever you like. Or, like many of our clients, you can upgrade to a support package that also improves your SEO value and helps you become more visible online to gain those extra leads all businesses like to have.

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