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Considered by many as now irrelevant, we at Pivotal Marketing believe there is always value in proper technical SEO – the good setup of your tags, descriptions, keywords, content and images.

You only need to consider how you might search the internet yourself. Do you always click on the first item at the top? Most people would say they scan the first few descriptions on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), already distinguishing between Paid Ads and Organic entries, before deciding on which to try first. In that moment you have proved the value of having a well thought out description for your web page. Optimisation no less.

SEO Considerations…

There are many considerations when dealing with and trying to influence Search Engine Results Pages. Much of what we know about Google ranking these days is based around E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) emanating from the actual content and creator itself. Indeed E-A-T is deemed by some to be the new Domain Authority 2.0.

However, with all that being true, we believe there is still value in getting the basics right. And why wouldn’t you? High-quality Technical SEO, including properly setting up your pages and posts, and all relevant assets included within, does not take up that much time and it’s just good housekeeping to keep your on-site Technical SEO up to date.

The Pivotal Approach to SEO

At Pivotal we carry out a competitor analysis for your business to get an idea of what other businesses within your industry are doing that maybe you aren’t, and we then look for ways to implement our findings into your marketing strategy. We use a research tool to find keywords for content on all pages that we create. We ensure that the keywords are relevant to your business, have a good search volume and would also be words or phrases that your potential customers would search for in order to find you.

There is a recommended number of times that you should try to mention your target keyword dependant on the length of your content on a page. The WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO recommends a keyword density of 0.5% to 3%. For example, if you have a page that is 500 words long and 10 of those words are your focus keyword, your keyphrase density would be 2% for that page.

Meta tags help to describe the content on a webpage to a search engine. Meta Tags consist of Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Keywords, and robots.

Title Tags

The Title Tags show as the text that is displayed in the tab of the browser. The Title Tag is the only Meta Tag that is visible to a website visitor.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are short snippets of text that describe the content on a page. These short snippets appear in search results to help and tell internet users what information they are going to find one that page.

Alt Tags

Alt Tags are added to images on websites to describe the purpose of it. This alternative text appears if the image fails to display for any reason, such as browsers blocking images.

Internal Hyperlinking

Internal hyperlinking is simply adding a link on your current page or post to another page or post on your website. For example, if you were creating a new blog post and wanted to link to your contact page, this would be classed as internal hyperlinking.

External Hyperlinking

External hyperlinking is the same as above. However, instead of linking to a page within your website, you link to another website (we’d recommend that external links open in a new tab, so that website visitors aren’t taken away from your website). For example, if you were creating a blog post and you wanted to add in some statistics, you would link to the website where you found the information from.

Content is King…

For help with your website E-A-T content see our Content Marketing Services.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword research/Analysis
  • Meta Tag changes
  • Title Tag changes
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Tag changes
  • Internal & External hyperlinking
  • Keyword density on site
  • HTML and XML site maps
  • Robots.Txt File creation
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics

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