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Is your Content Marketing engaging and insightful?

Marketing is the new sales, but things have developed even further. In the past marketing could be intrusive, spamming people with promotional emails, daily social media posts and email newsletters. Now, consumers are more educated than ever, able to browse the web on multiple devices whilst on the go. Rather than you going to them, you now have to be prepared when they come to you and check you out online (which they will) as part of their research way before they commit to buying from you.

By being prepared we mean having a targeted content marketing strategy, which includes regular testimonials and case studies telling the stories of how you helped customers and in-depth blog posts about your business’ products or speciality with videos and visuals that answer the questions your ideal customers are searching for online. These will help increase your website’s ranking as engaging, well-researched blog posts give your website visitors more reason to stay on your website for longer, increasing your website’s ‘Dwell Time’ and decreasing your site’s ‘Bounce Rate’ (percentage of visitors that leave your website after visiting only one page). These are both ‘ranking factors’ that influence your website ranking in the results of search engines like Google.

Providing resources such as educational whitepapers and downloadable ebooks will also give visitors a reason to return to your website again and again, whilst live webinars are another great way to keep them engaged.

Your Content Marketing Project

Be the Go-to Expert

Content Marketing should help form part of any business’ SEO Strategy. Pivotal Marketing can take the time to produce interesting, high-quality SEO content to position your business as the ‘go-to’ knowledgeable experts in your field. You? You can concentrate on what you do best: running your business and learning more about your customers’ pain points so we can work with you to provide them with solutions via informative content!

Generate Links

SEO copywriting on your service webpages and original and insightful blog posts are likely to encourage readers to link to your blog posts on their own blog or website, especially if they think their own readers will benefit from the tips and knowledge shared in your blog posts. High-quality links from external sites to yours also help increase your website’s ranking.

Encourage Social Sharing

If people think your blog posts and videos contain ideas and advice worth sharing, they are more likely to share the links to your content on their own social media platforms…then their followers might share it with their followers…and you get rewarded with a snowball effect! This increases the reach of your content and drives fresh new traffic to your website – traffic that could be converted to paying customers.

Build Trust

Transparent content marketing that is rich in tips, ideas, and knowledge from your years of experience operating in your industry helps build trust with your existing and future customers. They know you know your stuff. They know you’re credible and qualified. They know they can trust you and your business with their money and time.

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