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Website Design FAQs

How much does a
website cost?


Developing your own website can be very cheap, if you have the time.

If you’d rather leave to the experts, a Pivotal website is £1,500+VAT or more.

Find out more on our Pricing page.

How long does it


This depends how many pages, products, etc. your website needs.

A bespoke website with new branding/content can take 3–4 weeks.

If you have all your content ready, it may take only 1–2 weeks. If you require new external assets such as product photography, it may take 4+ weeks.

What is the design


Typically our customers know their competitors and have an idea what kind of website they like.

We research content requirements, and our designer gets creative.

Once everything meets your approval, we develop the website ready for final review and launch!

Can I make my own


Yes! Using WordPress, all our websites make it easy for you to amend any website content yourself.

We even provide a 1-to-1 training workshop to show you how.

Our Awards

Corporate Vision Media Innovator Awards 2020: Pivotal Marketing wins Best Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency West Yorkshire
Corporate LiveWire Leeds and West Yorkshire Prestige Awards: Pivotal Marketing wins Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2020
Acquisition International 2020 Business Excellence Awards: Pivotal Marketing wins Best Online Marketing Specialists Yorkshire
Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2020: Pivotal Marketing wins Web Design Company of the Year United Kingdom

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