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Social media is where your customers are

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is an essential form of marketing for all businesses, and it has been for years. It allows you to engage with potential and existing customers at all stages of their journey. They can look at your reviews on Facebook and check Twitter to see how you help customers after a purchase.

A lot of businesses, particularly B2C (business-to-customer) companies, have a Facebook business page, like us. Using Instagram for business is also wise for showcasing a lot of attractive visuals, while YouTube is excellent for videos that aim to help and engage customers in the long term. For a more text-based platform and easy B2C and B2B (business-to-business) interaction, all kinds of companies are attracted to Twitter for business. And then there’s LinkedIn, the modern must-have platform for connecting with others in business.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices — plenty of platforms to take up your time — plus social media advertising is constantly evolving. We realise it can be quite overwhelming and easy to neglect when you have so much else to do. The good news is that we’re here to help you listen to and communicate with your customers.

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We’re experienced in using social media for business on many platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We can help you select from these various platforms and ensure your business is active in the same spaces as your customers.

Your Social Media Marketing Project

1. Business needs

You can tell us (usually over a coffee) what challenges you’re facing and what you would like to see from your social media campaign.

2. Customers

We then carry out our research into who your customers are, their online behaviours, and which platforms are best for your business. Do they prefer Facebook over Instagram? Are social media ads better than Google ads? Do they react to videos more than images? Do they trust reviews from friends or other internet users? Our research gives us the answers, then we use them to build your social media strategy.

3. Content

On your agreed social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) we post regular and engaging content each month. This can include topical industry-related news that can resonate with your audience (sparking comments and discussion among your followers) or an update on your latest business news. Perhaps you’re speaking at or attending an event, one of your staff has just received a new qualification or you have a new product arriving instore?

To promote your product or service to a much wider audience, we could also set up an advertising campaign on one of your chosen platforms. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads and Sponsored Tweets can be aimed at thousands within specified demographics, not just your own followers, meaning we can really amplify your social reach and grow your brand. If your product or service is a niche one, we can adapt and target your adverts to increase the chances of achieving your campaign’s objectives.

In some circumstances, we also create special Lead Generation pages to your website, either using our website developers or working closely with your own developers.

4. Progress

After posting regular social media content and keeping an eye on your business page’s messages and notifications, we send you a monthly social media report. You’ll always be able to see exactly how much progress we’ve made and how it’s benefited your brand.

5. Communication

We’re not an agency you hear from once in a blue moon. We highly recommend regular, ongoing communication. This allows us to keep on top of industry changes and business developments in your world, plus you can let us know how we’re doing.

Sound like a plan?
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Why Pivotal Social Media Marketing?

We’ll Look After Your Customers

By monitoring mentions of your business on social media, we can alert you to any positive or negative feedback and respond quickly to your customers.

Pivotal Marketing

Leading Social Media Consultants

We take a consumer-insight-led approach to ensure your brand is seen by the right people on the right platform.

Pivotal Marketing

Engaging Content

While avoiding unhelpful and uninspiring content, we guarantee regular, memorable and relevant content. Since day one, we’ve always preferred quality over quantity.

Pivotal Marketing

Monthly Reports

In addition to daily monitoring of your social media channels, we provide our clients with a monthly report. Not only does this allow us to tweak and adjust our approach, but it allows you to see how our expertise is benefiting your brand.

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