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Prolog Fulfilment

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Prolog Fulfilment

About the Client?

Prolog Fulfilment Ltd are a large fulfilment and warehousing business offering agile, flexible and efficient logistical order fulfilment services to clients who need a warehousing and call centre facility to directly supply their products to their customers.

Why Prolog Fulfilment Ltd Needed a New Website

As the company had undergone many restructuring changes, the content and images on the website were out-of-date. Due to the changes the company had experienced and the fact that the website looked dated, Prolog Fulfilment decided it would be the perfect time to invest in a fresh and modern web design, including a new logo and colour scheme, created by Pivotal’s designer.

How We Were Able to Add Value

A huge amount of keyword research was undertaken to establish the best possible keywords that would attract the high-quality visitors Prolog were seeking for the very specific order fulfilment services they offer.

What Technical Requirements Were Needed?

This large, dynamic logistical company has a very busy domain name. Used as part of an intricate client login system, the domain, couldn’t be allocated solely for the marketing use of the company’s indexed domain name. Pivotal came up with the solution of using the sub-folder extension of thereby opening the future opportunity to extend into multi-lingual versions of the website.


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