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Dental Triage

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Dental Triage

About the Client

This new business is dedicated to offering people an essential ‘out of hours’ dental service. Dental Triage serves as a helpful jargon-free resource hub of information designed to answer common dental queries and concerns underpinned by professional dental knowledge. The start-up also aims to reassure website visitors by providing them with a simple online form to fill out to help pinpoint the cause of their dental pain. The form then provides expert advice on how to combat their toothache or problem, based on advice from the qualified dentists behind the business.

Why Dental Triage Needed a New Website

Like all companies, Dental Triage need to be visible and easily found for customers seeking emergency dental care outside of normal working hours.

As with many new companies, a quick route to high rankings and high visibility can be through online paid advertising such as Google Ads. Dental Triage was keen to utilise this digital marketing channel of Pay-per-Click. A new website was therefore needed for the forwarded visitors to land on once they clicked on a link in one of Dental Triage’s online adverts. Website visitors needed to land into an easy to use environment that clearly shows the list of professional services and fast emergency contact details for those ‘out of hours’ requirements.

How We Were Able to Add Value

This website was designed in several stages by Pivotal designers from the start, with several versions that passed through different stages of market research. In many ways this was a design-led website that was only used once a sample section had been authorised by the clients’ research group.

What Technical Requirements Were Needed?

As well as stunning, bespoke web design, this website also boasts a groundbreaking algorithm form that guides the visitor (possibly in some pain at the time they click into this website) to fast and accurate information relating to their specific complaint and allows them to quickly contact the dentist they need urgently.

At the end of the visitor’s self-assessment, they are presented with an end screen. This gives information based on the visitor’s answers and can range from advice, to a possible diagnostic, to a referral to a specific page within their website.

The client also required a live chat, as it’s an out of hours dentist so that visitors to the website can instantly chat with the available dentist on call. This live chat works through connecting the chat software on the website to an app on the dentist’s phone. This way they get an alert of a new chat from a visitor.


  • Image slider
  • Self-Assessment algorithm
  • Booking form using Stripe
  • Live Chat
  • Team Profiles

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