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Auriga Team

WordPress Website

Auriga Team

About the Client:

The Auriga Team are experts in Compliance, with over 20 years in the association management arena, which has given them a lot of experience working with smaller-staffed organisations. Auriga’s ethos is “great things come from great collaborations”.

The Brief

Auriga wanted a new, mobile-friendly website design to show case their expertise in Compliance as well as their Membership services.

What We Delivered

  • New bespoke-design WordPress website
  • User-friendly design to create a positive User Experience
  • Blog posting functionality
  • Google Analytics and Google My Business setup

Plugins We Used

Other Services Provided:

  • FREE website hosting on our fast, secure, UK based servers for 1 year.
  • FREE website nightly backups for extra peace of mind and monthly archiving for 1 year for long-term protection.
  • Priority website restoration within 2 working days in the unlikely event that it goes offline.
  • FREE LetsEncrypt Domain SSL Certificate with ‘https://’ and padlock icon next to your website address for 1 year.
  • FREE 1-to-1 Training Workshop on how to manage a WordPress website for 2 members of staff.


“When I needed a new web site Phil was the obvious choice for me and he has done a fantastic job. I’m really pleased with the clear navigation, great design and overlook and feel. Phil and his team are great to work with and a pleasure to recommend”

Bernadette Goudy, Auriga Team

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