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Meet Our Apprentice Turned Coding Superstar

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Taylia Tingle, Junior Developer, apprentice, coding superstar

Tingle, Taylia Tingle is her name and she arrives at Pivotal HQ in Brighouse every morning bright-eyed and with extra sass ready to take on the world of digital marketing and coding for beginners.

Taylia joined Pivotal Marketing in January 2018 as a digital marketing apprentice from Estio training, one of the UK’s leading providers of IT apprenticeships. Combining study and work over a 15-month period, at the end of her course she will achieve an NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing.

After choosing to begin an undergraduate course at university on two separate occasions, Taylia decided full-time study wasn’t for her. Classroom learning day in and day out just didn’t cut the mustard. Therefore, she decided to take on a new direction in the form of an apprenticeship. It was the ideal combination of study and work-based learning she desired.

Joining a digital marketing agency

As a digital marketing agency, Pivotal has clients across many different industries including construction, aviation and lifestyle. All clients have specific requirements from ecommerce websites to B2B social media and content marketing strategies. Daily duties for a digital marketing apprentice can be extremely varied including supporting the company’s social media content, website development and SEO.

Coding duties

Taylia’s first port of call was coding for beginners, learning how to use basic code to develop WordPress sites for the different clients. Further responsibilities include website analysis and reporting. It’s vital that Pivotal provide monthly feedback to clients on how their website is performing and offer continued support in SEO development and UX optimisation. In just 7 months, Taylia has developed into an integral part of the team responsible for creating coding for customers’ WordPress sites and testing and monitoring website metrics. In addition, she is often asked to assist with content marketing, implementing social media strategies and writing client blogs.



1) Why did you want to work at Pivotal Marketing?

Because they’re online, on trend and on hand!!

No, I was really intrigued with everything they provided, from creating digital marketing plans through to the development of websites. So it was exciting to know that I had the possible opportunity to take on responsibilities that weren’t initially in the job description.

2) What do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s cliché, but it’s true… every day is different! There are so many aspects of my role and it’s fabulous that I don’t get bored from doing the same all of the time!  A big reason why every day is different is our clients, we’re in touch with them daily and we are always exchanging ideas and developing campaigns. Sometimes new tasks are sprung upon us and we must adapt and turnaround campaigns quickly which certainly keeps me on my toes.

3) How do you find combining study and work?

I really enjoy it. At first, I didn’t know whether it would suit me but it’s great having a mix of both study and work. It’s fab that I have a trainer that comes in once a month to set assignments for me to complete. My trainer is very supportive and ensures I know exactly what is required before leaving.

It’s a nice break from the office when I have a study week with Estio in Leeds (despite the much longer commute!). I get to expand my knowledge of digital marketing and web development. I always look forward to implementing the new theory I have learnt into practice when I return to work. Catching up with other apprentices about the projects they are working on is always enjoyable!

4) What have you found most surprising about working at Pivotal Marketing?

How much I genuinely enjoy coding and problem-solving. I truly find it both crazy and fascinating how a pretty lil website is made from a bunch of letters, numbers and symbols! It was also a surprise to discover how amazing I am at accents, I owe it to Pivotal.

5) What advice would you give to school leavers?

I would say, unless the job you really want to do requires a degree, such as a doctor or a teacher, I would highly recommend looking into doing an apprenticeship.

The best way I found out what job I wanted to do was by looking through different advertisements. I read the descriptions thoroughly and get a good feel of what the job entailed. I then shortlisted the job descriptions which appealed to me and I thought would be a good match. Through this approach, I found my answer to what type, of course, suited me and went from there!

6) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years’ time, I want to have progressed with web design. Hopefully, I will have built a good career while still enjoying the job – as everyone says it’s hard to find a job you truly enjoy. I don’t like to plan too far ahead into the future, as unexpected opportunities often arise, so, for now, I’m just going with the flow!

I’m quite a creative person in terms of designing but it’s very in the moment and not always planned. So if I’m not web designing or coding I would like a creative role, possible involving branding for businesses.


Let’s hear from the boss

Taylia’s manager and Pivotal owner, Phil, commented:

“It’s great to have some youngsters on the team. The exuberance of youth (with the help of some experienced mentoring) can help bring life and energy into any business. Taylia is extremely keen to learn all about Digital Marketing and Website Development in particular. She soaks up any knowledge you give her like a sponge.

Taylia has chosen an excellent career to focus on. I’m quite sure she will be a digital star in the not too distant future!”


More about Estio

The Estio Training programme gives young people the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the IT industry. Such schemes place apprentices in a real paid job with no cost or debt.

Learners will receive ten weeks of intensive training. Whilst in the workplace, apprentices will also receive continual assessment, and help and guidance from a dedicated trainer. The appointed trainer ensures that they get the most from their work experience.

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