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Can a Marketing Strategy Really Work?

Phil Hatfield

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Marketing Strategy and stationery

Can a marketing strategy work for small businesses? 247GT say YES!

‘Marketing Campaigns’, ‘Digital Strategies’ … this may seem like business speak for the larger blue chip companies, but actually it’s not. Even the smallest company can take advantage of a simple and effective marketing strategy.

Most companies, however large or small, will feel the need to spend on advertising. Perhaps they’ll also engage in social media for their business. Occasionally they’ll email their current customers with new product or service details. And maybe they’ll design new signage or web pages. So it’s not too big of a step to bring those things together as a campaign. It can bring a new focus to your business growth ideas. In fact, it could actually be cheaper than spending randomly in various advertising directions, and with better returns.

247GT Woocommerce websiteIt’s not always easy

Sometimes it’s difficult to quantify the effectiveness of a good Digital Marketing Campaign. One small business in particular is shouting it from the rooftops: 247GT Ltd. In 2017, this business grew by 50% in real terms. This does not include some larger one-off ‘lumpy’ orders, as the Managing Director, Brian Sneyd, likes to call them, which could set the growth figure much higher.

Realistically, 247GT also looks to continue that growth in 2018; the first Quarter 2018 is already continuing that trend.

So how is it done?

Well, it would be unreasonable to say that it’s all to do with Digital Marketing. However, the continual use of Social Media Management, Email Broadcasting, Search Engine Optimisation, and Website User Experience Development all actively promote Brand Awareness. These techniques have hugely contributed to supporting and pushing the business’s activities, such as Trade Shows and Exhibitions, New Product Launches, and UK Agency Agreements.

Pivotal Marketing provides that full 360 service in-house, for all these Digital Marketing projects and Website Development, for 247GT. We also provide a detailed analysis for 247GT every month.

What the customer thinks…

“This last year has had a huge increase in sales and has therefore been exciting and extremely positive for all the 247GT staff. Having good quality orders coming in presents much nicer problems to have. We can’t thank Pivotal Marketing enough, as their planning and guidance have certainly been extremely instrumental in our continued growth.”
Managing Director, Brian Sneyd – 247GT LTD

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