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Is WordPress Good for Ecommerce?

Jordan Hatfield

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Is WordPress good for ecommerce?

As a website CMS (content management system), WordPress has quite the reputation, powering 37% of all websites in 2021. Web designers the world over (including us) think it’s a godsend for making quick and simple changes to your webpages.

But what if you’re using your website to sell products online? Is WordPress good for ecommerce?

Of course it is! And here’s why…


If you’re using WordPress to run your ecommerce website, your best bet is WooCommerce. This handy WordPress plugin is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms around, and it’s easy enough to use for making and monitoring your sales.

With WooCommerce on your WordPress site, you can:

  • Sell digital products for download or physical products for shipping
  • Provide options of pickup, local delivery or shipping, and add shipping fees
  • Create discount options
  • Take secure payments: WooCommerce supports most online payment providers, such as WorldPay, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and more, meaning you can better choose the right payment gateway for your business
  • Offer variations of products (e.g. colour or size)
  • Manage your products and orders at any time using the WooCommerce mobile app


Of course, to get customers to buy from your website, they need to find your website first.

For example, let’s say you want to sell furniture online. Your website is full of beautiful furniture pieces, your payment system is all set up and ready to go … but no one is buying. Why? Because no one knows you’re selling it.

This is where WordPress really shines – it’s the best CMS for optimising your website for search engines.

With the help of WordPress and various SEO plugins (like Yoast SEO), you can really boost your website rankings on Google and other search engines. This way, if anyone goes looking for some new furniture and decides to ‘Google it’, they’re more likely to find your products and therefore more likely to buy them.

To get started with a robust WordPress site for ecommerce, visit our Ecommerce Website Design page:

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