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Are you keeping on top of your website analytics? Do you know how many visitors your website is getting? How many of them are coming from Google search? How successful is your SEO marketing?

Proper analytics and reporting are crucial for getting the most out of your marketing and website reporting metrics. Tracking performance, finding patterns and spotting trends. Seeing what works and what doesn’t is vital for your marketing strategies going forward.

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

It’s not enough to just get a website and fill it with keywords. There are stats and analytics available to help you with your content and SEO marketing — use them!

But it can be difficult to understand what these figures actually mean. To find time to sit down, have a good look at them, and think about how to sell yourself better in the future. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own.

Your Digital Marketing Reports

What kind of things do we report on? To keep you in the loop about your website and SEO performance, we provide the following reports:

Website Performance and SEO

Using your Google Analytics data through Google Data Studio, we compile the stats you need in a simple-to-understand report with your company branding. We display user figures, visitor sources, user behaviour, most visited pages, and more. If your Analytics has data going back over a year, we include 12-month comparisons to show your website metrics and trends over time.

Google Rankings

With our keyword tracking tools, we track keywords relating to your business and see how high your website is ranking for them on Google. With regular reports, you can see how your Google ranking changes over time and what impact your blog posts and case studies are having on your website rankings.

Lead Generation

We use reliable digital tools to identify which companies and organisations have been on your website and show this in daily reports. We can also find out which web pages they visited, how many times they went on your website and how long they spent on there. If used correctly, this information can help your sales team develop warm leads into promising business opportunities.

Embrace the Power of Analytics and Reporting

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