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Alfurqan Islamic Centre

Website Redesign

Alfurqan Islamic Centre

About the Client:

Alfurqan Islamic Centre, located in south-central Manchester, serves an area with a high-percentage Muslim population. They are dedicated to developing and educating their community.

To help them do this, Alfurqan needed an efficient website for the community to use, but the design had become outdated and needed freshening up. They needed a whole new website design.

Website Features:

  • Complete website redesign.
  • Dynamic prayer timetable using a prayer times plugin, showing the latest prayer times each day, plus a countdown to the next prayer time.
  • Events calendar using The Events Calendar, allowing Alfurqan to add, edit and remove the Centre’s events with ease.

Services Provided:

  • A 1-to-1 WordPress workshop over Zoom to help Alfurqan edit their content and add new information and events.

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