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Email Marketing ServicesEmails! They might drive you around the bend, with your inbox constantly brimming with spam, like a cupboard’s contents about to tumble out as soon as you open the doors. In actual fact, there are still many more people with email accounts than social media profiles, and email marketing tends to get more attention than social media posts do.

Email marketing is great, whether you’re a B2B business (marketing and selling to other businesses) or a B2C business (selling to and targeting customers directly). Email is more personal and direct than platforms like social media which address a whole spectrum of potential customers.

Our team at Pivotal Marketing and web developers at Pivotal Web are experienced in creating intelligent, tried and tested email marketing strategies. They’re well able to help businesses like yours to reach customers who are interested in your products and services and to get them on your mailing list.

By regularly sending email newsletters, you remain at the forefront of existing customers’ minds. You also give them the opportunity to forward the email to colleagues and friends, therefore widening your reach.

Professional Multimedia Emails

Via multimedia emails containing videos, infographics and more, we can encourage your audience to interact with you on social media, leave reviews, promote your events, visit your website, and use promotional codes to purchase exclusive new products and offers.

Our carefully crafted and tailored emails build a strong relationship with your customers and aim to maximise your email opening rates.

Using the tone and messaging you want, from designing a one-off newsletter to developing a long-term email marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch today to give your customers the personal engagement they deserve.

Your Email Marketing Project

  1. We have a chat with you to become familiar with your business and find out what you want to get out of your email marketing campaign.
  2. After establishing the tone you wish to use and the messaging you want to send, we develop a schedule for the email broadcasts and design bespoke templates that consistently reflect your branding.
  3. We send you test emails, so you always know what will be sent out in advance. This way, you can give us any necessary feedback, and we have time to implement it.
  4. You can then sit back and relax as your emails go out to a captivated audience.
  5. We send a monthly report, showcasing the results from each email, to ensure you’re happy with our Email Marketing Services.

Sound good? Drop us a message, and we’ll contact you about your new project.

Why Pivotal’s Email Marketing Service?

Pivotal Marketing

Massive Campaigns or One-Offs

We can manage either. While we work predominantly in MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns, we’re quick to learn and manage new platforms.

Pivotal Marketing

Targeted, Split-Tested Email Broadcasts

We won’t add any more marketing jargon here. Basically, we know whom to target with your campaign and how to get the best possible results.

Pivotal Marketing

Works on All Screens of All Sizes

It seems most people read their emails on the morning train. This means they need to work on phones and tablets as well as computers.

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